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TAILG Jointly Published White Paper on Electric Vehicle Mobility

TAILG always adheres to the strategy of energy saving and green sustainable development.

Actively respond to the call of the United Nations, implement the United Nations environmental protection policy, actively participate in various environmental protection actions of the United Nations, and actively contribute to global energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental governance. According to the China Electric Vehicle Energy Conservation White Paper, it can save 12.376 billion watts of new technology enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, and other honorary titles per year.
TAILG Public Welfare

While growing in scale and strength, TAILG is actively looking for ways to give back to the society, and is keen on public welfare.   It has established the "Ling Fund", donated to build Dream Playground, Dream Library, Dream Primary School, Dream Teaching Building, Dream Reader, Dream Small Partners, Dream Classroom and other public welfare projects fulfilled their corporate social responsibility with practical actions, and established a love education fund - "Ling Fund" to unswervingly help children "run further".


In October 2012, TAILG joined hands with the world Badminton Olympic defending champion Lin Dangong Co-launched TAILG Charity Charity Fund “Ling Fund”, May 2020 United China Children’s Charity Relief Foundation Gold Club jointly established the starting point project “Children’s Read the Future of Action” coalition for more Science. System. Effective way, To practice corporate social responsibility, as of now Previous. TAILG “Ling Fund” has been donated Millions of dollars, mostly covering Dream Small learning, dream playground, dream teacher, Dream teaching building. Dream multi-entertainment and sports education Room. Dream Library. Dream Reading etc.,