TAILG Unveils Full Range of E-bikes, Sales Are On Fire!


From May 5 to 8, the China International Bicycle Exhibition opened grandly in Shanghai. TAILG, as a leading electric two-wheeler company, exhibited its latest full range of E-bike products. The on-site sales were booming, with visiting customers from South Korea, Europe and the United States giving thumbs up frequently.

 The E-bike series of TAILG brings new experiences to urban travel and cycling culture and demonstrates the trend of high-end, branded, and internationalized electric bicycles.

 7 Major Series, 19 New Models Released

 In recent years, the global electric bicycle market has shown a significant growth trend, with the European and North American markets dominated by high-end electric bikes. After the epidemic, people's awareness of fitness has increased, traffic congestion has worsened, and driven by subsidy policies, the e-bike market has experienced a travel boom.

Authoritative data shows that the global e-bike market share will reach $26.5 billion and $49.7 billion in 2021 and 2022, respectively, and will continue to grow at a high rate. From 2023, the global e-bike market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 10%, and the market size is expected to exceed $100 billion by 2030.

 With a huge market potential, TAILG's product team has conducted long-term localized user research in countries around the world and launched seven major e-bike product series, including urban, mountain, motorcycle-like, functional and shared, with a total of 19 models.

In order to meet the different product requirements of users in different regions of the world, TAILG has also adopted a differentiated strategy in product design and brand promotion. To promote a new round of travel trends, TAILG grandly launched a new brand TLG at EICMA in Italy in 2023. This exhibition has a wide range of influence on the global market, and the TLG brand also shines in the E-BIKE series.

"This series of e-bike products is mainly aimed at the European, American, Korean and Turkish markets. All products support personalized configuration and customization, and many foreign businessmen come to consult and experience them," said the head of TAILG's overseas products.

 The China Cycle 2024 attracted merchants from more than 130 countries and regions, and on-site transactions were active, especially the 6 key new products, which overseas merchants widely praised.

 6 New Products Highly Praised by Global Customers

 In urban commuting scenarios, thanks to Europe's good infrastructure construction and the prevalence of cycling culture among local consumers, the Manba Max urban model is very popular.

It is equipped with a 250W efficient mid-drive system, a simple and stylish removable tubular battery, and a Shimano 9-speed transmission, making riding more labor-saving. In addition to the net weight of the whole vehicle being only 29kg, the wheels of Manba Max use fluorescent steel wire, making riding safer at night.

As a folding model, Pitaya is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed transmission and urban anti-slip tires, making it comfortable and safe. Taking into account the convenience of charging and replacing batteries, Pitaya adopts a side-mounted battery design, equipped with a 36V12Ah lithium battery with a maximum range of 35km.

Another folding bike series that is also suitable for urban commuting is the Snow Swallow, which has a 500W rear hub motor, an aluminum alloy folding frame, a top speed of 35km/h, and a pure electric range of up to 35km.

Among high-end mountain bikes, Hornet Max can provide a more balanced weight distribution and excellent climbing ability and is the first choice for mountain bike enthusiasts who focus on quality and intelligent technology. 

 At the same time, the efficient mid-drive system is paired with the SR 11-speed transmission to make riding more effortless. The Hornet Max is equipped with a 48V500W motor, an adjustable hydraulic front fork and a mid-mounted gas shock absorber, allowing you to ride comfortably on rugged mountain roads.

 Ekoo is a fat tire model designed for complex terrain. It features a retro look and is the perfect choice for leisure cyclists who love to challenge mountains, beaches and muddy roads. The stylish grid-design round headlight, the high base with a strong sense of control, as well as the large LCD display and silicone seat cushion make the whole vehicle more comfortable and practical.

The Eco, which is mainly targeted at the US market, is suitable for picking up children from school, delivering goods in the city, and outdoor long-distance outings. It can well meet the needs of carrying people and goods. It has front and rear double-layer shelves and is equipped with a 48V15AH dual-group battery. When fully charged, the power-assisted range can reach 55km.

 Many overseas customers highly praised TAILG products, further affirming its leading position in quality and innovation. TAILG will continue to uphold the mission of "meet people's yearning for a better travel life", provide more and better travel solutions for global users, and jointly create a bright future for smart travel.