TAILG Products Receive International Acclaim on the First Day of the Canton Fair


Green Trade through Smart Manufacturing

On April 15, the 135th China Import and Export Fair opened grandly in Guangzhou, China. As a representative company of global electric travel solutions, TAILG Group unveiled 13 popular models, attracting many customers to discuss cooperation.

Many government leaders visited the booth to visit and advise, highly recognized TAILG's achievements in promoting global green travel, and praised the TAILG brand for going overseas.

13 Flagship Models Across 4 Main Themes

Recently, the World Trade Organization released a report predicting that global trade in goods will grow by 2.6% in 2024. Global trade volumes contracted last year due to soaring energy prices and persistent inflation, and are expected to recover gradually this year. Affected by this factor, the 135th Canton Fair in 2024 has attracted much attention.

This Spring Canton Fair was held in three phases, with an exhibition area of 1.55 million square meters, a total of 74,000 booths, and more than 29,000 participating companies, a record number. More than 93,000 overseas buyers have pre-registered for the conference, attracting merchants from 215 countries and regions around the world.

On this international exchange platform integrating trade, technology, and culture, as the global trailblazer in long-range electric two-wheel vehicles, TAILG has participated in the exhibition for many consecutive years and achieved outstanding results.

In this exhibition, TAILG has set up four theme areas of Urban Cycling, Urban Commuting, High-speed Electric Motorcycles, and E-bike in response to the product needs and preferences of global consumers. A total of 13 popular models have been launched. On-site transaction status Hot.

In order to better support this Canton Fair, TAILG has specially set up an experience package of "one pavilion and two bases". Leveraging the geographical advantages of the two smart manufacturing bases in Dongguan and Huizhou, TAILG has set up a reception venue and an open cycling experience area, effectively improving the visitor experience and transaction rate for merchants.

Innovative Technology Leads the Green Trade

As the traditional manufacturing industry gradually transforms into "green and intelligent manufacturing", green trade has become a new growth engine driving the global economy.

In recent years, TAILG has promoted green development through energy-saving technology. It has now obtained over 1000 patents of various kinds and has collaborated with authoritative organizations such as the United Nations Environment Programme to establish the Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute. Similarly, TAILG has been accredited by the National Laboratory of CNAS and has established advanced digital factories and the industry's first zero-carbon factory, demonstrating its technological innovation capabilities to meet the demands of various international markets.

In response to the global trend of electric motorcycles, TAILG formulated a brand strategy for international expansion in 2023. At this Canton Fair, the company launched several representative solutions tailored to product, technology, and service differentiation, aiming to meet the diverse needs of the global market.

TAILG has introduced conventional models such as UNIVERSE, CITY HOLIDAY, FAST RABBIT, XTM, TANK, and THUNDER LEOPARD to cater to the demand for endurance and daily short-distance commuting in regions like Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
TAILG showcased the TK3 cross-riding product tailored for the African region. For the European and American markets, TAILG has launched the high-speed electric motorcycles S1 and S2, as well as four E-bike products, including CRANE, SHARK, GT8, and SNOW SWALLOW.

The UNIVERSE model received a lot of attention and praise from the visitors of the exhibition. The model's biometric dual-lamp design was created by a team that won the German Red Dot Award. It is equipped with a robust 2500W motor, which ensures fast acceleration and a stable driving experience. The UNIVERSE model has a maximum range of 80-100km, making it popular with commuters and students.

At this exhibition, TAILG's annual new high-speed electric motorcycles S1 and S2 were also popular among buyers. S2 is equipped with the 3000W wheel hub motor with a maximum speed of 80 km/h and a dual battery module design to achieve an ultra-long range of 100 km.

TAILG showcased its charging and swapping technology, long-range technology platform, and sodium battery technology to a significant influx of attendees, attracting the largest crowd at this exhibition. Xu Bing, deputy commissioner of the commissioner's office of the Ministry of Commerce in Guangzhou, Shi Songzhe, deputy director of the Wuxi Municipal Commerce Bureau, and other government leaders visited the booth for guidance and expressed great interest in TAILG's products and global green travel projects.

Chen Yingsheng, Vice President of TAILG Group and President of Overseas Business Department, said, Facing the potential of overseas markets, TAILG will make full use of the popularity of the Canton Fair and use technological innovation as a driving force to continue to promote the green and low-carbon transformation of the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry.

In the future, TAILG will lead the development trend of the global electric two-wheeled vehicle industry, further expand the global market, and support the development of global green trade.