TAILG Makes Grand Appearance at 2024 Asiabike Jakarta Aims to Set the Benchmark in Indonesia


 On 30th April, the first Asiabike Jakarta took place at the Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia. TAILG, the global pioneer in long-range electric vehicles, participated in the exhibition and became the focal point of the entire event.

 For its debut in Indonesia, TAILG showcased the new products tailored to local consumer demand at its booth, demonstrating its leadership in electric mobility.

 At the same time, TAILG also held a grand Indonesia Wealth Summit with the theme "Electric Mobility and Green Future", inviting nearly 100 strategic partners to discuss the Indonesian two-wheel electric vehicle market, and releasing a three-year strategic plan. It is expected to build 100 branded stores by 2024.

 Multiple Exhibits Generate Excitement at Asiabike Jakarta

 In 2024, the global economy will improve overall. As the largest economy in ASEAN, Indonesia has ushered in new development opportunities, with rapid growth in household consumption and a clear upward trend in transportation consumption.

 Indonesia currently has the largest motorcycle market in Asia and the third largest globally, but the electrification rate is less than 0.7%. As the Indonesian government has set a goal of converting 2 million gasoline-powered motorcycles to electric motorcycles by 2025, Indonesia's electric two-wheeled vehicles are entering a period of rapid growth, driven by multiple factors such as favorable policy subsidies for the "oil-to-electric" conversion and the promotion of giants in the delivery and leasing industry, which has also created strong conditions for the development of the electric vehicle industry.

 In 2023, TAILG Group formulated a strategic plan for its brand going overseas and made a series of systematic deployments in brand, R&D, products, and sales to accelerate its brand going overseas comprehensively. From product export to brand export, Indonesia will become one of the most important target markets in TAILG's globalization strategy.

 Asiabike Jakarta is the first local industry exhibition under the electric trend. As a global leader in electric two-wheeled vehicles, TAILG hopes to complete the brand debut of "TAILG" in the Indonesian market through the exhibition and win the market share first.

To better meet the needs of consumers in the Indonesian market, TAILG conducts user-centric analysis. It matches and formulates different product combinations based on the consumer portraits of different groups, and launches 12 popular models to fully meet the needs of Indonesian consumers in terms of performance, appearance, and product configuration.
 At the exhibition, Wu Qinshi, overseas product planning director of TAILG, launched three core products, S1, S2, and UNIVERSE, which were well received by Indonesian customers.

The S2 is a must-have model for high-end electric motorcycle enthusiasts, integrating a mechanical aesthetic in its appearance design. With a top speed of 80 km/h, it provides an adrenaline-pumping experience. The S2 is equipped with dual 74V28AH lithium batteries, offering an extended lifespan and a range of up to 100 km on a full charge. 

A trendy and cool ride, UNIVERSE is equipped with TAILG's core technology, the "Somersault Cloud Long-endurance Technology Platform", allowing it to travel 80-100 km on a single charge. It features an oversized seat, comfortable wide pedals, and dual bionic lights on the front designed by a German Red Dot Award-winning team for a comfortable ride.

According to the strategic development plan, TAILG will not only advance long-range technology but also leverage its experience and strengths from several global research and development centers. It will dynamically develop and design product lines based on local market needs, providing Indonesian consumers with more localized green mobility solutions.

Rooting in the Local Market to Establish as Benchmark Country

 TAILG has more than 20 years of experience in the field of electric mobility, with ten production bases around the world and an annual production capacity of more than 15 million vehicles. TAILG has 35,000 stores around the world, with more than 45 million product experiencers, and is deeply loved by consumers around the world.

 As the global pioneer of long-range electric two-wheelers, TAILG provides services for the entire industry chain of electric two-wheelers. It has been recognized by the national CNAS laboratory and has more than 1,000 patents of various types.

On 29th April, TAILG held its first Indonesia Strategic Cooperation Wealth Summit in Indonesia and released a three-year strategic plan and local channel construction and development plan. TAILG expects to open 100 stores in 2024, 800 stores by 2026, and achieve a sales volume of 100,000 vehicles.

Chen Yingsheng, Vice President of TAILG Group and President of Overseas Business Unit, said: "The Indonesian market is a huge blue ocean. We hope to build Indonesia into a benchmark market for our global strategy and widely export our experience to other regions to jointly realize the dream of recreating a TAILG overseas."

 Li Kunfeng, vice president of TAILG Group's overseas business department, is also full of confidence in this. He said that with the help of Indonesia's green reforms and low-carbon travel trends, TAILG is confident that it can make Indonesia a benchmark country in the global electric two-wheeled vehicle market.

 At the summit, Chen Xinjie, head of TAILG Group's Indonesian theater, gave a detailed introduction to the Indonesian market strategies and plans to partners. 

 Currently, TAILG has set up a branch and localized factory in Indonesia and will open an office and the first flagship store. It has formulated a channel development model of "taking root in Java Island" and will realize a full-chain localized service system from product research and development, production, sales, and after-sales service.

As the first domestic electric vehicle brand to go overseas and quickly integrate into the world, TAILG has successfully promoted China's electric travel solutions to the world by relying on its cooperation with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Belt and Road Initiative. 

 The successful participation in Asiabike Jakarta and the smooth holding of TAILG's first Strategic Cooperation Summit in Indonesia are of great value in deepening the Indonesian market and have an important impact on the development of Southeast Asian and even global markets.

 In the future, TAILG will leverage its technological innovation advantages to establish a research and development intelligent manufacturing base in Indonesia. It will continue to deepen local operations, lead the development of Indonesia's electric two-wheeled vehicle industry, and move rapidly towards the great goal of "Creating Another TAILG Overseas".