TAILG Leading the Travel Trend | Various E-Bike Models Shine at Canton Fair


In recent years, due to factors such as energy scarcity, rising oil prices, and the influence of low-carbon environmental concepts, cycling culture, and government policy support, E-Bikes have become highly sought after in the European and American markets as an environmentally friendly, fitness-oriented and convenient way to travel.

At the 135th Canton Fair, TAILG unveiled four different types of E-Bikes to meet the diverse needs of consumers, including the SNOW SWALLOW for light outdoor riding, the CRANE for urban commuting, and the SHARK and GT8 for mountain off-roading. Among them, the SNOW SWALLOW and SHARK received enthusiastic responses and garnered attention from European and American merchants.

Power-Assisted for Effortless Riding

SNOW SWALLOW has both electric and power-assisted modes, and is suitable for daily travel or light outdoor riding. It is equipped with a removable portable rechargeable battery that provides a range of up to 35 km in electric-only mode and up to 55 km in power-assisted mode. SNOW SWALLOW is also equipped with a USB charging port to meet consumers’ practical and entertainment needs.

CRANE is a vehicle suitable for commuting or short-distance travel. Its lightweight design allows it to travel freely on large and small roads. It is equipped with a Shimano 9S transmission system and a mid-drive electronic control system, making riding more comfortable and effortless. CRANE is also equipped with an efficient adjustable shock absorber system and a high-capacity battery with a maximum range of up to 70 km.

Leading the Trend in Outdoor Sports

SHARK adopts a straddle design and is fitted with 20*4.0 wide tires. It has excellent off-road performance and can adapt to different road conditions such as mountain roads and gravel roads. The central airbag shock absorber makes riding easier. Light-controlled sensor headlights can automatically adjust the light according to the environment. SHARK can reach a top speed of 45 km/h and a maximum range of 60 km. For consumers who like outdoor adventure and mountain biking, SHARK is undoubtedly the ideal choice.

If off-road racing is your thing, then the GT8 is for you. The lightweight battery design combines strength and durability, and the extended carbon fiber handlebars improve control stability. GT8 is equipped with a SHIMANO external 12-speed high-end transmission and MAGULA front and rear disc brakes to for safety.

As these models become the highlights of the Canton Fair, they also symbolize the future development direction of the E-bike market. TAILG has already made plans for the new round of travel trends. At last year's EICMA in Italy, TAILG launched a new brand TLG, focusing on high-end models such as E-bike and E-scooter.

Through the dual-brand strategy, TAILG will continue to make efforts in high-end core performance, riding experience, and personalized needs by leveraging its advantages in R&D innovation and high-end intelligent manufacturing. TAILG will lead the development of electric two-wheelers, including E-bike, and accelerate the goal of becoming the number one brand in global influence.