Successful Handover of United Nations Electric Mobility Project Vehicles in Thailand


On March 18th, the registration handover ceremony for the United Nations Electric Mobility Pilot Project vehicles took place in Bangkok, Thailand. 

The ceremony was jointly hosted by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), the National Energy Technology Center (ENTEC), the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), and the Bangkok Metropolitan Government. Representatives from TAILG Group were present at the ceremony to witness the handover.

TAILG Group Attends Handover Ceremony for UN E-mobility Project in Thailand

Switching to Electricity from Oil
TAILG Propels Green Transportation Development in Thailand

During the ceremony, TAILG Group officially handed over the ownership rights of 50 electric motorcycles to their respective riders.

Mr. Suthee Thongyam, Governor of Nonthaburi Province, congratulated the initiative and emphasized that the Electric Mobility Pilot Project aligns with the province's goal of creating a livable city. Using electric motorcycles as taxis can encourage people to choose a more environmentally friendly mode of public transportation.

Registration Handover of 50 Electric Motorcycles Officially Delivered to Thai Motorcycle Riders

"The transition from gasoline-powered motorcycles to electric motorcycles requires expanding the coverage of charging and swapping facilities to meet the demand for electric motorcycles." Mr. Chaiwut Lakmuang, Assistant Governor – Sustainability Management Electricity at EGAT, said. Thailand is one of the countries with the highest motorcycle usage rates in the world. In the future, TAILG will continue to provide after-sales service for this batch of electric vehicles, further accelerating Thailand's green transportation development and improving the living environment.

Yao Li, President of TAILG Group, Attends Donation Ceremony

The batch of electric motorcycles was donated by TAILG Group in June 2023. Subsequently, TAILG established local electric charging and swapping services. It also conducted seven months of riding data monitoring on this batch of electric motorcycles. According to the data report, the energy consumption of 50 electric motorcycles is 32.41 Wh per 100 kilometers, which is equivalent to the fuel consumption of 0.37 liters per 100 kilometers for gasoline motorcycles.

Dr. Sumittra Charojrochkul, Executive Director of ENTEC, believes that this electric mobility project has effectively demonstrated the model of “switching to electricity from oil” for motorcycles. It has also strengthened the promotion of the low-carbon travel concept in Thailand. It will help Thailand achieve its green development goals of carbon neutrality by 2050.. 

Green Travel

TAILG Leads Global Expansion of Clean Energy Transportation

This ceremony not only played a crucial role in the joint development of green transportation between China and Thailand but also highlighted TAILG's leading position in promoting the popularization of clean energy vehicles. As the E-mobility partner of the United Nations and the strategic partner of the Belt and Road Initiative, TAILG has pioneered China's electric vehicle brand participation in global environmental governance.

(Left) Kenya, (Right) Uganda



As of now, TAILG has implemented electric mobility pilot projects in Thailand, Kenya, Malaysia, Uganda, the Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries. It has conducted philanthropic donations in multiple countries worldwide, assisting pilot project nations in gradually replacing traditional fuel vehicles with clean energy transportation tools through its practical actions. Especially for industries like food delivery and courier services, TAILG electric vehicles have not only enhanced delivery efficiency but also reduced energy consumption, lowering emissions and thereby improving local air quality.

The Philippines

In recognition of TAILG Group's outstanding contributions to the local postal industry, the Philippine Postal Corporation issued a commemorative stamp featuring the donated vehicles. The microfilm “The Stamp,” inspired by TAILG's contribution to the development of environmental protection in the Philippines, won the first prize in the Belt and Road Ecological and Environmental Protection Story Micro-video Competition.

“The Stamp”

The implementation of the United Nations Electric Mobility Pilot Project not only benefits local communities but also provides a solid consumer base for TAILG's internationalization and localization efforts.

Ms. Xiong Xiaoyan, Director of Overseas Brand Department of TAILG Group, attended the ceremony and stated:“Currently, the number of two-wheeled vehicles in Thailand is about 22 million now, and nearly 2 million will increase every year. So the two-wheeled electric vehicles market space is huge. TAILG Group is eager to share its experience in low-carbon development with Thailand and countries around the world. We are extending China's experience and achievements in exploring clean energy transportation tools, along with its advanced electric vehicle industry chain, to the rest of the world.”


Throughout, TAILG has been dedicated to promoting global low-carbon development and continuously advancing innovation in new energy technologies. TAILG partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme and the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) to establish the Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute. TAILG made a significant market debut in December 2023 with the “Super Natrium Electric Car,” leading the industry into a new era of sodium-based battery mass production.


Ms. Areerat Sriprathai, CEO of The Stallions Company Limited, believes that developing green new energy technologies is a necessary step towards achieving a zero-carbon production process.

As the only electric vehicle supplier of the United Nations in the industry, TAILG will have more opportunities to continuously export new energy travel solutions globally.


In today's world, where global environmental awareness is gradually increasing, TAILG hopes to help more countries achieve the transition to electric transportation by continuously promoting new energy travel products. In the future, TAILG will further accelerate global environmental and climate governance, dedicating more efforts to the implementation of zero-carbon projects in China worldwide.