Strategic Partnership Signed with Bangladesh | TAILG Accelerates Globalization


As a global trailblazer in long-range electric two-wheelers, TAILG has been accelerating its brand's international expansion since 2023, vigorously tapping into global markets.

On April 1st, Mr. Chen Yingsheng, Vice President of TAILG Group and President of the Overseas Business Division, visited the Bangladesh market in person. He engaged in in-depth discussions on the development of electric two-wheelers in Bangladesh with Md. Aminur Rashid, CEO of EDISON Group. Together, they formulated the development plan for the TAILG brand in Bangladesh and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

According to the data, over 70% of the vehicles on the roads in Bangladesh are currently two-wheeled motorcycles. Due to the rising prices of petrol and natural gas, electric two-wheelers have emerged as popular commodities in the Bangladeshi market, thanks to their advantages in energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and convenience.

In recent years, the government of Bangladesh has been dedicated to developing the domestic transportation system and improving infrastructure and traffic congestion issues, which will further drive the growth of the two-wheeler market. With the government of Bangladesh encouraging green travel, the electric vehicle industry will embrace greater development opportunities with promising prospects ahead.

Mr. Chen expressed that Bangladesh, as a populous nation in South Asia, has seen its friendly cooperation with us thrive since the declaration of our strategic partnership in 2016. Over time, our bilateral relations have remained robust and smoothly progressing, with trade ties growing increasingly close. Bangladesh holds immense potential for the development of electric two-wheelers and will be a key focus market for TAILG in South Asia.

As a global trailblazer in long-range electric two-wheelers, TAILG has devoted 18 years to advancing long-range electric vehicles. With over 1000 patents in various fields, including core technologies for energy-saving electric two-wheelers, TAILG has established top-tier research and development centers such as the national CNAS laboratory in China and the Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute.

As the E-mobility partner of the United Nations and the strategic partner of the Belt and Road Initiative, TAILG collaborates with the United Nations Environment Programme to promote the low-carbon travel concept and new energy travel solutions.

To continuously meet the global demand for enhanced travel experiences, TAILG will continue to increase investment in research and development, improve product quality and performance, and build a global brand influence.

In the future, TAILG will continue to establish a benchmark market in South Asia through Bangladesh and extend its influence to neighboring countries. This initiative aims to drive high-quality development in the electric two-wheeler industry in South Asia and contribute to the global advancement of green travel.