Mr. Yao Li Wins Huawei Award for Driving Digital Transformation in Enterprise Development


On March 15th, Yao Li, President of TAILG Group, was awarded the "2024 Huawei Cloud Green Bamboo Award" at the Huawei Cloud & Huawei Terminal Cloud Innovation Summit 2024 for his outstanding exploration and significant contributions to the digitization of the electric vehicle industry.

The organizing committee of the conference stated that in Chinese culture, green bamboo has always been a symbol of "steadfastness and vigorous progressiveness". The Green Bamboo Award aims to pay tribute to and encourage the pioneers who have been silently struggling and leading the industry's trend towards intelligence in the process of China's digitization construction.

This award acknowledges Mr. Yao Li's entrepreneurial spirit of active exploration and bold innovation in deeply cultivating the industrial digitization transformation. It also represents high recognition for Mr. Yao Li's pioneering leadership at TAILG. Under his guidance, TAILG has led the industry, established intelligent production lines, facilitated brand and global business upgrades, driven enterprise digital transformation, and injected significant momentum into industry digitization.

In recent years, TAILG has actively responded to the call for the digitalization of China. Under the leadership of Mr. Yao Li, TAILG Group is driven by technological innovation, accelerating the transformation towards digitization. TAILG strives to be a model in digital reform, leading the industry forward.

The high-end digitized factory of TAILG

Recently, TAILG established the industry's first high-end digital factory in Dongguan, creating a high-standard manufacturing demonstration site for the industry.

Cloud Power Saving System of TAILG

In the upgrading of product technology, digital innovation in branding and marketing, and the digital transformation of management and operations, TAILG will leverage Huawei's successful experience and mature digital tools to create various exclusive digital solutions. This collaboration will significantly enhance TAILG's efficiency in technology, marketing, product development, and other aspects. TAILG will build its core competitiveness, cultivate new drivers of development, support the realization of its global brand strategy, and drive the upgrade of its global business.

Somersault Cloud Long-endurance Technology Platform of TAILG

In the future, TAILG Group will continue to adhere to the concept of driving enterprise development through technological innovation. It will advance digital technology innovation to lead industry and ecological development, continuously transforming towards digitization, intelligence and high-end orientation. TAILG contributes to accelerating the digital transformation of the electric vehicle industry, continuously contributing to the prosperity of China's digital economy.