Intelligent future | The high-end digital factory of TAILG leads the world


Intelligent future, global leader.

To adapt to the tide of the digital era and accelerate the transformation of digital intelligence, on January 30th, the high-end digital factory of TAILG was grandly unveiled at the Dongguan base. Many leaders of the Dongguan government, Dalingshan Town government, and TAILG digital strategic partner Huawei attended and witnessed the unveiling ceremony.

It covers an area of 7000 square meters and will be the first one to become a demonstration highland for high-standard manufacturing in the industry. TAILG is also will set up a new era of fully digital intelligent manufacturing of two-wheeled electric vehicles.


TAILG high-end digital factory opening ceremony

From Dongguan to the world

Create new heights of intelligent manufacturing

Dongguan has developed a manufacturing industry, a complete industrial chain, and a superior business environment. In recent years, it has continuously attracted high-tech enterprises and high-end talents, transforming Dongguan from "Made In Dongguan" to "Intelligentization In Dongguan".

Dalingshan Town responded to the in-depth implementation of the science and technology innovation manufacturing strategy of Dongguan City, persisting in taking the real economy as the foundation and taking the manufacturing industry as the main body. Dalingshan Town supports the digital transformation of enterprises, and continuously polishes the urban characteristics of "scientific and technological innovation + advanced manufacturing".

All the time, TAILG has been actively responding to national policies and the development ideas of Intelligent manufacturing in Dongguan.TAILG is transforming towards digital, intelligent and digital intelligence, and leading the industry to build a world business card of Chinese brands with high-quality development.


With the support of leaders at all levels in Dongguan, the high-end digital factory of TAILG was grandly unveiled. Dalingshan Town deputy Party secretary and Mayor Ye Xiaohua,Vice President of Huawei Cloud China Xiao Yong, were invited to the unveiling ceremony with TAILG Group President Yao Li and Senior Vice President Sun Muchai.


The high-end digital factory of TAILG is one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the industry. It covers an area of 7000 square meters, following the construction of a high-end motorcycle production line.

After the factory is built, it can realize all-around visualization of production and traceability of the whole manufacturing process. It creates a new intelligent ecosystem and eventually realizes the full automation of high-standard intelligent manufacturing of two-wheeled electric vehicles.


The plant is divided into three phases. The first phase focuses on building AGV production lines and real-time monitoring systems. The second phase of the informatization investment plan will be launched in June, with the help of Huawei Cloud and other industry experience in the digital field, we will build high-end information chemical plants. In the third phase of construction in 2025, based on the data interworking of the storage system, material distribution, and production line system, we will provide advanced production scheduling plans using big data intelligent decision-making.

At the unveiling ceremony, Huang Zhili, deputy mayor of Dalingshan Town, said in his speech:” TAILG Group, is the ‘chain master’ enterprise of the two-wheel electric vehicle industry in Dongguan. The high-end digital factory will inject new impetus into promoting the intelligent transformation of high-quality numbers in traditional industries, and will also drive the two-wheeled electric vehicle manufacturing chain's high-end, digital, green, integration to improve. The government of Dalingshan Town will attach great importance to and further do a good job in supporting and enabling the high-end manufacturing industry.”


Huang Zhili, deputy mayor of Dalingshan Town

From manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing

Leading the industry at full speed to sea

All the time, TAILG led the development of the industry with technological innovation, constantly built a quality and brand moat around the core technology of long endurance and achieved good results in intelligent manufacturing.

Up to now, TAILG has more than 1000 patents for various inventions, established a national quality training base, and CNAS certification laboratory, established the Global Low Carbon Mobility Institute, and became the “001” villager of Songshanhu Developer Village, which is the highland of intelligent manufacturing in Dongguan.

In the manufacture of long-life products, TAILG has also been continuously moving towards the direction of digitalization, automation, and intelligence. TAILG built a three-dimensional intelligent warehouse, with excellent strength in intelligent production, quality control, intelligent warehousing, etc. In August last year, the group achieved the first monthly production and sales of 1 million vehicles.


From 2022, TAILG also work closely with Huawei, successively launching several TAILG-Hongmeng smart link products, leading a new era of intelligent electric bicycles in China. At the unveiling ceremony, Xiao Yong, vice president of Huawei Cloud China, said:“ In the future, we also hope to cooperate deeply with TAILG in the field of digital factory and industrial software, help TAILG to build a more internationally competitive high-end manufacturing capability system.


Xiao Yong, Vice President of Huawei Cloud China

Yao Li, president of Tailing Group, said: “The high-end digital factory of TAILG, is the embodiment of building high-end manufacturing capabilities with international competitiveness. It is also a sign that the group's comprehensive strength, innovation, and competitiveness have reached a new level. It will also fully support the brand to go to sea.“


Yao Li, President of TAILG Group

With the construction and production of a high-end digital factory,  TAILG will build a smart production line that can meet the technical standards of international two-wheeled travel enterprises. It can achieve high standards of quality management and traceability, and will also promote TAILG's globalization strategy at full speed.

In the future, TAILG will also play a leading role in the upstream and downstream of the two-wheel electric vehicle industry chain. By promoting the construction of digital systems, TAILG will drive the digital construction of surrounding areas and upstream and downstream industrial chains, creating a strong "chain master" position in the high-end intelligent manufacturing industrial Park of Dongguan.