Global Expansion Accelerates: TAILG Ignites CHINA CYCLE 2024


On May 5, the 32nd China International Bicycle Fair opened grandly in Shanghai, with nearly 1,500 companies from around the world gathering at the event. 

As the global pioneer of long-range electric two-wheelers, TAILG has launched more than 20 new products. With its advanced technology and product advantages, it has become the focus of attention of many customers in Europe, America, South Korea and other regions.


Innovation Leads the E-Bike Race

 In recent years, with energy shortages and rising oil prices, and driven by trends such as environmental protection, intelligence, and lightweight, the two-wheeled vehicle industry is undergoing unprecedented changes. As an environmentally friendly, healthy, and convenient travel option, e-bike has become a trend in developed countries in Europe and the United States. It is gradually sweeping the world, becoming a new outlet for the two-wheeled vehicle industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars.


 At the Bicycle Fair, E-Bike, as a new track for Chinese brands to go overseas, has attracted much attention. It is reported that the total area of ​​this exhibition is about 150,000 square meters, attracting 1,500 companies to participate in the exhibition, and merchants from more than 130 countries and regions to visit the exhibition. The number of visitors is expected to reach 170,000.


As the global pioneer of long-range electric vehicles, TAILG has a deep insight into the trend of electric riding and has established an E-BIKE R&D center dedicated to providing personalized riding solutions for high-end consumer groups and continuously promoting innovation and development in the field of electric bicycles.

In 2023, the share of TAILG's e-bike products in overseas markets cannot be underestimated, especially in the Korean and North American markets, where they are widely popular. In the Korean market, TAILG has customized market and product strategies based on consumer needs and experience preferences, and the sales volume of e-bikes in a single market was nearly 30,000 units.

 At the exhibition, TAILG launched 5 groups of e-bikes with a total of 19 exhibits, covering a variety of riding scenarios, such as snow riding, easy riding, mountain cross-country, shared riding and urban commuting. Among them, ManBa Max, Hornet Max, Ekoo, Pitaya, Snow Swallow and Eco products have attracted much attention from European and American customers.


In addition, in order to meet consumers' demand for pure electric travel, TAILG also exhibited the popular S1, S2 and UNIVERSE series of urban high-speed electric motorcycles at the recent Canton Fair and Asiabike Jakarta. With its innovative strength and industry-leading position, TAILG helps the industry go global and provide a better travel life for global users.


 TAILG's Global Reach Continues to Expand

 In the process of realizing TAILG's dream of globalization, creating a new long-range product category, seizing the new e-bike track, and focusing on building overseas benchmark markets and benchmark countries are key arrangements for building a new growth engine for the Group and promoting the dream of "Creating Another TAILG Abroad".

 TAILG has been sounding the clarion call for its brand to go global since 2023. The TAILG brand took the lead in going abroad and quickly penetrated the markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other regions.

 It implemented the benchmark country strategy in key markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam, actively formed localized teams, established local factories, and comprehensively promoted the implementation of the localized development strategy.

 Facing the European and American markets, TAILG launched a new brand TLG in Milan, Italy, leveraging its R&D innovation and high-end smart manufacturing advantages to continuously strengthen its competitiveness in high-end performance, riding experience and personalized needs.

 Recently, TAILG exceeded its order target at the Canton Fair due to its strong product and brand strength, and the number of customers attracted far exceeded expectations. At the first Asiabike Jakarta, TAILG also won a visit from Indonesian President Joko Widodo to discuss the electrification process of two-wheel vehicles in Indonesia. At the same time, it successfully joined hands with nearly 100 first-batch distribution partners through the first Indonesia Low-Carbon Travel Seminar Summit.

These achievements not only demonstrate TAILG's overseas strength, but also lay a solid foundation for its globalization strategy. Following the popularity of E-BIKE products in markets such as South Korea and North America, CHINA CYCLE 2024 will also become another example for TAILG to demonstrate its product strength. In the future, it will continue to capture a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars and accelerate globalization.