Global Debut | TAILG Spring Fashion Launch Event


Based on the advantage of long-range endurance, TAILG officially launched a new trend.

On March 30th, the 2024 TAILG Spring Fashion Conference with the theme "She's&He's TAILG Explore Together" was grandly held at Daxue Road in Shanghai, China. This press conference focuses on the travel experiences of female users worldwide, accelerating the youthful innovation transformation of electric two-wheelers.

Understanding Women's Needs

Creating a Global Model for Female Travel

With the rapid rise of the "she economy," more and more women are paying attention to quality of life. However, the electric two-wheeler market is still dominated by vehicles that cater to male preferences in terms of appearance and functionality.

"We hope to develop electric vehicles that are more suitable for female users based on TAILG models that are popular with male users," said Yao Li, president of TAILG Group, in a media interview.

TAILG understands the needs and pain points of female riders and has made thoughtful improvements in appearance, lightweight design, and maneuverability specifically tailored for female users.

TAILG Bestie Series · Meimiao

At the conference, TAILG introduced its "Bestie Series" products worldwide for the first time, including the "Meimiao" and "Milan" models. The look is inspired by feminine aesthetics, with the Meimiao model boasting a sleek and agile design, while Milan emphasizes a retro aesthetic.

Both models feature exclusive human-machine engineering design, offering a lightweight and comfortable riding experience. Equipped with TAILG's long-range technology and superior driving control system, they address female riders' concerns about battery life and safety.

TAILG Bestie Series · Milan

TAILG aims to provide more appropriate long-range green travel options for women worldwide through continuous innovation in appearance, craftsmanship, and lightweight technology, giving women more travel choices.

Innovating for Youth

Driving the Brand's Globalization Strategy

As people's demand for life shifts from "practicality" to "quality", "more vibrant" electric vehicles are rapidly replacing "bulky and unattractive" traditional electric models.

In recent years, TAILG has embarked on a global rejuvenation strategy. In 2023, TAILG signed Wang Yibo as its global brand image spokesperson. Subsequently, it released a variety of products tailored to meet the needs of young users at home and abroad.

These include the track-level electric motorcycle S1, the high-speed recreational electric motorcycle S2, the UNIVERSE with a range of 100 kilometers on a single charge, and E-bike models suitable for both urban commuting and off-road riding, among others.


As a global pioneer in long-range electric two-wheelers, TAILG is deeply focused on meeting diverse needs. It has established world-class research and development centers, including the Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute and the China national-level CNAS laboratory, as well as ten major research and development manufacturing bases worldwide.

TAILG is committed to creating a diverse product lineup to make electric two-wheelers more responsive to the needs of consumers worldwide and to embrace local markets.

It is foreseeable that TAILG will not only provide users with easy transportation but will also be an important partner in exploring a better life. 

In the future, TAILG will leverage the synergistic power of localized operations and youthful innovation to help realize the great dream of "Creating Another TAILG Abroad".