Focus on the 135th Canton Fair | Which "TAILG Electric Vehicle" Impresses You?


Against the backdrop of "carbon neutrality", electric vehicles are beginning to conquer the global market as green new energy vehicles. At the 135th Canton Fair, electric vehicles are one of the highly focused product categories.

As a global trailblazer in long-range electric two-wheelers, TAILG presents 13 popular models, ranging from electric motorcycles to e-bikes, to meet the preferences of consumers in various regions globally. This extensive range has made TAILG's booth one of the most popular throughout the exhibition. TAILG's electric vehicles are highly acclaimed internationally.

High-Speed Electric Motorcycles Shine Throughout the Venue

Due to different policies and geographical conditions around the world, the design and features of electric vehicles have become increasingly diverse. At this exhibition, TAILG unveiled its highly anticipated new models, the high-speed electric motorcycles S1 and S2, designed for high-end enthusiasts seeking exhilarating speed experiences, garnering significant attention from buyers.

The S2 model is particularly popular. Its silver-white mechanical appearance, paired with a U-shaped vector lamp at the front, gives it a unique design. Equipped with a 3000W hub motor, it can reach a top speed of 80 km/h. Its dual battery module design achieves an ultra-long range of 100 km. Furthermore, ABS front and rear disc brakes provide added peace of mind during rides.

Designed as a high-speed electric motorcycle for racing, the TAILG S1 features a curved body with red decorative lines that exude a dynamic and cool vibe. Equipped with a 5000W hub motor, it can reach a top speed of 100 km/h, allowing riders to experience an adrenaline-fueled rush. Its exclusive hydraulic shock absorbers keep the rear wheel closer to the ground, ensuring a smooth ride over speed bumps and rough terrain.

As the most eye-catching high-speed electric motorcycle products at the Canton Fair, both the S1 and S2 models are highly competitive in the global market.

Long-Range Electric Vehicles in Full Swing

In recent years, countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other regions have successively launched initiatives to save energy and reduce emissions, accelerating the transition from petrol motorcycles to electric motorcycles. TAILG has recommended models tailored for these regions, such as the FAST RABBIT and XTM for daily commuting, as well as the UNIVERSE and CITY HOLIDAY, which focus on long-range capability. Additionally, there are electric motorcycles designed specifically for the delivery industry, such as the TANK and THUNDER LEOPARD, which offer ample storage space.

The UNIVERSE is a versatile ride with a biomimetic dual-headlight design crafted by an award-winning team from Germany's Red Dot Award. Its spacious frame is paired with a powerful 2500W motor, ensuring quick acceleration and stable riding. With a maximum range of 80-100km, it has garnered significant attention from clients in the Southeast Asian region.

Meanwhile, the CITY HOLIDAY has also won the hearts of many customers with its retro and elegant look. Specifically designed for female users, its ergonomic adjustments ensure comfort in various riding positions.

The TK3 is also popular for cross-riding products tailored to the African region. Equipped with a 3500W self-developed permanent magnet synchronous motor and a dedicated lithium battery pack that supports battery swapping, it also features fast charging technology, with charging times as short as 2-4 hours.

This model is also the result of collaboration between TAILG's Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute and Kofa, the battery-swapping network company in Ghana. By integrating with the local charging and swapping network, it can reduce riders' costs by up to 30%. Multiple batches have already been delivered to the local market.

In the future, TAILG will utilize its Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute to develop more electric vehicles tailored to various regions, usage scenarios, and demographic needs. This initiative aims to lead global trends in the two-wheeler industry and accelerate the global electrification of two-wheelers.