Electric Vehicles of TAILG Make a Splash in the Indonesian Market

Global Expansion with Roots in Indonesia
Recently, the first Asiabike Jakarta is in full swing. TAILG, the global pioneer of long-range electric two-wheelers, won the favor of Indonesian consumers with its first batch of localized products launched at its booth. Many industry media also reported and praised it, leading the electric two-wheeler industry to go overseas.

 First Batch of 12 New Products Receives Warm Welcome
 Indonesia has a global population of 276 million, and the current market capacity for two-wheeled mobility vehicles is approximately 120 million vehicles. However, Indonesia, the largest motorcycle market in Asia and the third largest in the world, has an electrification rate of less than 0.7%. With a market capacity of approximately 60 million vehicles in 2050, Indonesia's market prospects are huge.
 TAILG has been deeply involved in the electric vehicle industry for more than 20 years, insisting on being user-centric and formulating differentiated and localized product strategies to meet global needs based on different markets and consumer portraits.

 In order to cultivate the Indonesian market, TAILG's overseas team conducted a lot of market research and discussions, and finally developed 12 first-batch products and combinations, covering electric motorcycles and electric scooters, which fully meet the needs of Indonesian consumers in terms of performance, appearance and product configuration.
 Among them, 6 new electric motorcycles are particularly popular among consumers. In the test-ride area and booth, large electric motorcycles such as S1 and S2 were particularly popular and experienced by Indonesian consumers.

 The S2 is a must-have model for high-end electric motorcycle players. Its exterior design incorporates mechanical beauty and its top speed can reach 80km/h. It is equipped with 74V28Ah dual-group lithium batteries, which have a longer cycle life and a range of up to 100km when fully charged.
 Another electric motorcycle product, HUNTING EAGLE, has a unique appearance design and is equipped with a 1200W motor with a speed of up to 51km/h. The 400mm wide pedal can carry more cargo, providing a sturdy and durable product for people with rigid demands such as delivery and transportation.

 In addition, to meet the diverse needs of young people for appearance, entertainment and controllability, TAILG also launched the V10 with a cool appearance. In response to the quality demands of family consumers for shopping and transporting people, GALAXY EB is equipped with front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers for a smoother ride.
 For daily commuting users, the FUN and GK30 products from the TAILG electric scooter series have also become the first choice for consumers with urgent needs. GK30 supports NFC unlocking, has a stylish and bright appearance, and uses a thick and soft cushion. FUN is compact, light and easy to ride, with a built-in backrest and a low seat design that is compatible with people of all body types.
 Driving Localized Product Acceleration
 Currently, TAILG has fully accelerated its globalization process, striving to realize the dream of re-creating a TAILG overseas and building a world-leading brand influence.
 To realize this strategy, TAILG has also started from R&D, manufacturing, marketing and branding, and established ten smart manufacturing bases around the world.  It customizes technical solutions for localized product development and improvement, creates benchmark countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam, realizes the localization of R&D, production and sales, and draws the global map of TAILG.

  According to the localization strategy plan for the Indonesian market, it is planned to open 100 brand stores in 2024. At present, the localized factory in Indonesia has been officially put into operation, and the first standard flagship store will be established in the near future. It will provide localized delivery and after-sales services to Indonesian consumers around the first batch of 12 models launched on the market.
  In the future, TAILG will continue to deepen its long-range technology while dynamically combining localized product demands for product development, design and improvement. Based on the experience and foundation of many R&D centers such as the Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute, TAILG will explore a path of localized product design in Indonesia and create sustainable products that are loved by Indonesian consumers.
 Mr. Chen Yingsheng, Vice President of TAILG Group and President of the Overseas Business Unit, also stated that in order to better achieve localization, given the current hot situation of local subsidies in Indonesia, the company will also consider responding to relevant government subsidy policies in the future to promote Indonesia's electrification process.