China TAILG, The world leader in green electric mobility ! Contributing to low-carbon travel in Thailand, China TAILG is world-renowned!


In the morning of June 23 (local time), the launching ceremony of the "Electric Scooters as Motorcycle-taxi" was held in Bangkok of Thailand. The event was co-hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme of Thailand and the Bangkok government.

Li Yao, president of Tailing Group, donated an electric motorcycle

TAILG Group donated several electric motorcycles to the Thailand government again. The representative of the United Nations Environment Programme Regional Coordinator Dr. Mushtaq Memon, the mayor of Nonthaburi Thailand Mr. Sutee Tongyam, and the deputy Permanent Secretary of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) Mr. Chalermpon Chotinuchit, expressed his full recognition and high praise for TAILG’s active promotion of the UN Environment Programme's electric mobility project.

Dr. Mushtaq Memon

The mayor of Nonthaburi Thailand Mr. Sutee Tongyam

German Ambassador Schmidt, Deputy Director General of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), and the representatives of TAILG participated in an exclusive panel meeting of the Thailand Electric Mobility Study Group on electric motorcycles and their importance in public transportation.

Wang Shutang, Director of Belt and Road Environmental Technology Exchange and Transfer Center (Shenzhen) (hereinafter referred to Belt and Road), delivered an important speech via online, saying that the launching ceremony of the donation of two- and three-wheeled electric motorcycle project in Thailand played a key role in developing green transportation and promoting clean energy transportation between China and Thailand.

At the meeting, Director Wang Shutang personally praised TAILG, and hundreds of domestic and foreign mainstream media such as People's Daily Overseas Edition, Associated Press, and the Daily Economy reported on it, and China TAILG became world-renowned!

In July 2022,TAILG Technology Group has reached strategic cooperation with Belt and Road, and both parties have reached a strong consensus on jointly promoting the United Nations electric mobility project, and are committed to promoting China's green development strategy to the world.

As a UN e-mobility partner, TAILG has joined hands with the United Nations Environment Programme to promote e-mobility pilot projects around the world, which have been implemented in many countries and regions in Africa and Asia, contributing Chinese solutions to global green mobility.

Promoting the sharing of experience in low-carbon development and cooperation in green technology, TAILG shows the commitment and responsibility of national enterprises with Chinese actions.

In recent years, TAILG has been actively responding to the national low-carbon policy, from the United Nations electric mobility partner, the official supplier of the Hangzhou Asian Games to tens of thousands of long-range challenges across the country, TAILG has brought the concept of environmental protection into thousands of households, always taking practical action to lead the industry.

Green intelligence, let China and the world run farther, the TAILG and with the United Nations Environment Programme, China Quality Certification Center and other joint establishment of the Global Institute of Low Carbon Mobility, continue to explore new energy mobility solutions.

TAILG is also a participant and maker of national energy-saving standards, participating in drafting many national standards such as "Rules for Energy-saving Certification of Motorcycles and Electric Bicycles" and "Technical Specification for Energy-saving Certification of Electric Bicycles", contributing its share to global low-carbon.

As a leader in the electric vehicle industry, TAILG will lead the industry to explore various possibilities of sustainable development of transportation, bring the experience and achievements of new energy exploration to the world, and make the earth run farther along the direction of "long range".

The president of TAILG Group said that in the future, TAILG Group will not only continue to work with the United Nations Environment Programme, but also cooperate with China Quality Certification Center (CQC) to expand and deepen the cooperation of electric mobility projects, and will blossom and form in more countries and regions around the world. Make great achievements, keep working hard, and let the world run farther!