1.What should we pay attention to when products are not used for a long time.

If the vehicle is not used for a long time, the battery capacity will be exhausted until the battery feed cannot be used normally, which seriously affects the battery life. It is recommended to close the air switch when not in use; Check and charge once a month.

2.When the outdoor temperature is low, does it affect the riding of the vehicle?

When the temperature is low, the internal chemical activity of the battery will be reduced, and the corresponding capacity will also be reduced. Therefore, the lower the temperature is, the shorter the mileage is. It may even not star up in some cases.

3.Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, what is the new material used in graphenebatteries. ls it harmful to the environment?

The graphite material is extracted from minerals which has no harm to the environment.

4.What kind of battery does TAILG electric vehicle use, how long does it take to chargeand how long is the battery life?

There are two kinds of batteries, lead-acid battery and lithium battery; It usually takes 8-10h for lead-acid battery and 7-8h for lithium battery to charge fully; The cycle life of lead-acid battery is usually 300-600, and that of lithium battery is usually 500-1000.

5.ls it safe to charge lithium batteries indoors?

Charging indoors is prohibited. Once lithium battery accident occurs, the consequences are unimaginable.

6.How long is the Vehicle warranty period?

Refer to specific warranty agreements for different types of products.


1.Whether the battery of the vehicle can be extracted by user?

Some models can extract battery (lithium battery), some models can not.

2.What does a new car need to be fitted with?

The new scooter is equipped with battery, rear reflector, license plate, rear view mirror and other necessary accessories. Other accessories such as rear trunk and guard bar can be installed according to your actual needs.

3.How to set up anti-theft for the vehicle? What is the anti-theft function?

Mechanical anti-theft: turn the steering handle to the left about 45 degrees, press down the key at closing position, and turn it to the left to lock the steering handle; To unlock the steering handle you only need reverse the operation above. Remote control anti-theft: turn on the anti-theft function on remote-control handle. The anti-theft function can detect whether the vehicle is moving or not. Once the anti-theft function is activated, the motor will automatically be locked.

4.How to tell the remaining power of the battery?

Normally the remaining capacity of the battery needs to be viewed with instrument feedback when the riding speed is stable. It is not accurate to follow the power feedback under special conditions such as starting, climbing and other special situations.


1.What’s the difference between the center motor and the hub motor?

The middle motor set the whole bike’s weight in the middle, which is easier to control and grasp; The hub motor itself is lighter ,and it’s usually cheaper.

2.What if the electric bike runs out of power?

Ride like a normal bike after you run out of power.