Cloud Power 4.0 Power Saving System

The training performance of the whole series of super models has been improved by 97%

TAILG adopts a more power-saving national patented cloud power system, patent number: ZL201510144426.9

Special for graphene cloud charger

Second generation graphene cloud battery

Intelligent calculation and precise control cloud controller

Efficient magnetic induction cloud motor

Low energy consumption Intelligent Terminal

Rent reduction road tire

Low wind resistance structure

Low rolling resistance bearing

Drop resistance cable

Lightweight body

Ten new upgrades of power-saving technology

Being able to charge is super critical

Graphene dedicated cloud charger

Frequency conversion four-stage charging technology to stimulate battery activity
Better charging, better battery performance

Battery upgrade super run

Second-generation graphene cloud battery

Within the unit volume, it has a higher density of energy reserves than conventional
batteries , more sufficient electricity, more durable, and a two-year warranty

Smart computing cloud control super power saving

Smart Computing and Precision Control Cloud Controller

Intelligent calculation of electric power, precise control, safe load, and improved vehicle performance

One twist and go, super sensitive

High-efficiency magnetic induction cloud motor

Matrix arrangement of coils to optimize magnetic sensitivity
More positive motor response

One-handed movement Ultra-light

Lightweight body

The Neng series models are replaced by composite materials, which are more rigid and lighter.
Reduced weight, no power consumption

The wind-breaking body is super cool

Low wind resistance structure

Super series models adopt aerodynamic streamline design
Excellent windward breaking performance and reduced resistance

Low-drag tires with super consumption reduction

Resistance drop cable

Using oxygen-free copper wire with extremely low oxygen content,
high conductivity
, less heat generation, no internal friction, and improved energy saving

Precision bearing super smooth

Low rolling resistance bearings

Adopt radial and axial bidirectional support, CNC precision machining,
Smooth rotation, high temperature resistance, improved energy saving

The surface of the bearing is finely processed, smooth and evenly chamfered

Smooth rotation, no blocking feeling

Radial and axial bidirectional support

Direct power

Resistance drop cable

Oxygen-free copper wire with oxygen content of 0.002%
High conductivity
Less heat and no internal consumption, improved energy saving

Ultra-intelligent core terminal

Low-energy smart terminal

Low energy consumption intelligent terminal MCU unit, GPS module, anti-theft device, LCD meter and other intelligent terminals
Global power optimization and energy saving improvement