Why are Founder Series Electric Vehicle so popular?


In recent years, the rapid development of two-wheeled electric vehicles is obvious to all. Two-wheeled electric vehicles can not only meet the needs of daily travel but also conform to the concept of sustainable development, becoming the new favorite travel choice of urbanites. With the rise of young consumers, diversified aesthetics and diversified needs have increased. The proportion of traditional hawk and tortoise consumption has declined, and the consumer market for founder models has gradually opened up. The Founder series models have become the best-selling models nowadays due to their simple and elegant appearance, strong linear appearance, equipped with intelligent systems, and strong power. Good market feedback has also led leading electric vehicle brands to continue to focus on the research and development of the Founder series.

TAILG, which focuses on technology and quality, not only leads the industry in long-life technology but also keeps pace with the times in terms of trends. The Founder series LION launched in 2019 has achieved great success. The high-end Founder models such as YOUYUE and YOUDONG released in March 2020 have also helped dealers seize the young urban consumer customer base. The HUBEN launched in recent years has also received a good market response. It focuses on speed and power and has a very cool shape. It is a cool car with great style and powerful performance, known as the "TAILG Racing Car".

Recently, TAILG's newly launched Super S FIRMAMENT also continues the advantages of the Founder series and has been deeply loved since its launch. It not only has the visual beauty of the Founder series design but also has the advantages of intelligent experience and the blessing of long-range technology

Stylish and eye-catching, upgraded appearance

In terms of appearance, this car has been adjusted based on the TAILG CHITU, using unique mecha elements with sharp edges and corners. The bionic design makes the car look more like a fierce horse. The headlights incorporate sci-fi elements, which are bright and unique.


Intelligent technology quality upgrade

The Somersault Cloud long-range technology platform equipped with it can realize functions such as intelligent navigation, remote control, and multimedia systems, making Founder electric vehicles ahead of similar products in terms of technology. Users can monitor vehicle status in real-time and perform remote control through the mobile app, enjoying an intelligent and convenient car life.


Inherit core long-range technology and upgrade  energy

 As the first product for sodium battery applications, FIRMAMENT is equipped with a 2500W polar strong magnet motor, it can climb hills and go downstairs with ease. It makes up for the power shortcomings of traditional lithium battery trams during cold riding, meets the needs of users in multiple scenarios, and brings better benefits to users' Cycling experience.

At the beginning of the year, FIRMAMENT also passed the long-range challenge in extremely cold zones.


To sum up, the Founder series has cool appearances and remarkable technological capabilities and has a variety of advantages. It has naturally become a popular trend for two-wheeled electric vehicles.