TAILG Unveils at Motor China 2024, Leading the Green Future


Leading the Future with Green Travel

On May 17, the Beijing International Motorcycle Exhibition opened in Beijing. As a representative of the world's pioneering new energy travel companies, TAILG was invited to participate in the exhibition and debuted with the annual hot product S2, leading the future low-carbon travel trend.

The total exhibition area of this exhibition is 70,000 square meters, with more than 300 exhibitors. As a representative brand of electric motorcycles in the industry, TAILG had a particularly good performance among them.

TAILG made a stunning appearance at this Beijing exhibition with the annual blockbuster product S2. Its unique starship appearance and powerful performance made it win the favor of many merchants at the exhibition dominated by oil motorcycles. By integrating fashionable design and core technology, TAILG's products not only meet the dual needs of high-end consumers for performance and appearance, but also reflect the competitiveness of the TAILG brand in the global two-wheeled vehicle market.

The emergence of young consumers and the diversification of categories are driving motorcycles to evolve from traditional means of transportation to toys, consumer goods, and even social tools. 

As the world's pioneer of long-range electric two-wheelers, TAILG has also won praise from merchants worldwide at the Canton Fair, Asiabike Jakarta, and China Cycle 2024 with its rich products and advanced technology.

Charting the Global Blueprint for New Energy Travel

In recent years, with the continuous popularization of green energy technology and the introduction of carbon peak targets, the global two-wheeled vehicle industry is accelerating its transformation and upgrading.

As the first company in the industry to address users' concerns about battery life, TAILG relies on its core long-range technology to drive rapid iterative upgrades of products and continuously optimize battery technology and power management systems. It has successively launched long-range technologies such as "Energy-saving Power Technology," "Cloud Power Saving System," and the "Somersault Cloud Long-endurance Technology Platform" , and cutting-edge technology products such as "Super Sodium Electric Vehicle".

Faced with the global dream of "creating another TAILG abroad", TAILG has always used technological innovation to shape the core competitiveness of the brand overseas. The establishment of the Global E-mobility Program Research Institute aims to provide leading green and low-carbon travel solutions to global consumers through in-depth insights into the diverse needs and travel habits of different regions and users, and targeted research and development.

In the process of brand globalization, TAILG actively promotes localized operations and cross-border strategic cooperation. It has established a benchmark country strategy in important key markets such as Indonesia and Vietnam, and has launched in-depth cooperation with well-known local groups in countries such as Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Facing the European and American markets, it has established a new brand TLG and expanded its brand influence through the EICMA. TAILG is committed to solving the challenges posed by cultural and market differences to ensure the smooth implementation of products and the effective development of localized operations.

Through its global strategic layout, TAILG not only promotes the international development of the brand, but also works with the United Nations Environment Program to actively promote the global low-carbon travel concept and implement the "dual carbon" strategy.

These makes it a model for overseas expansion in the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry. TAILG is moving full speed ahead to become a respected world-class brand!