TAILG long range technology and products support the global strategy


In order to better promote Chinese electric vehicle companies to go overseas, on January 9, the first 2024 Electric Vehicle Going Overseas Forum of ‘Ambassador China Tour·Zhenxing’ was held in Beijing. Ambassadors to China and China Overseas Entrepreneurs from more than 10 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America Representatives of electric vehicle companies attended the scene and offered advice on going overseas. As an outstanding representative, TAILG was invited to participate and share its overseas experience and gain widespread recognition. And was awarded the title of Recommended Overseas Brand.

TAILG is not only one of the first electric vehicle companies to go overseas but also the pioneer and leader of long-range electric vehicles in the world. TAILG has been targeting overseas markets as early as 2010 and has accumulated rich overseas experience. Its products have been sold to more than 90 countries and regions around the world, and its export sales continue to lead the industry.

At the 20th anniversary celebration that just passed, Chen Yingsheng, vice president of TAILG Group and president of the overseas business unit, also officially announced that he would vigorously explore overseas markets on the track of long-range electric vehicles and established a 3-5 year strategic plan, He proposed the ambitious goal of re-creating a TAILG overseas and hoped that the brand influence would become the first in the world.

Chen Yingsheng, Vice President of TAILG Group and President of Overseas Business Division

In order to support this strategy, TAILG Overseas Business Department conducted user research on globalization and established global R&D and intelligent manufacturing centers. It also has 10 manufacturing bases and 7 operation centers to create a global product matrix and achieve marketing and comprehensive globalization of services.

Global Low Carbon Travel Research Institute settles in Songshan Lake, Dongguan

At the 2023 Milan Exhibition in Italy, the group also launched the new brand TLG and fully launched the global flagship store layout. Targeting different countries and market characteristics, TAILG will also establish a global brand moat and achieve localized operations.

Behind the globalization strategy, is TAILG’s dual support of long-range electric vehicles’core technology and strong product strength. In 2006, it took the lead in the industry to launch the first high-performance electric vehicle and extending the mileage by 30%, and then persisted in long-range electric vehicles for 17 years, achieving 100 kilometers from low speed to full speed, from running 200 kilometers at full speed, and breaking the long-range electric vehicles twice. The world record challenge and TAILG's creation of a new category of long-range electric vehicles for the first time in the world both demonstrate its strength.

The world's first batch of sodium trams developed by TAILG are the first to be launched on the market

Recently, with the mass production of  Super Sodium Electric Vehicles and the official delivery of the first registered vehicle, the “global pioneer of long-range electric vehicles” has received authoritative certification, and has become the sole purchasing unit of electric vehicles for the United Nations, TAILG has made comprehensive preparations for the transition to a world-class enterprise, and continue to create a better travel life experience for global users.