TAILG Group Corporate Culture Officially Launched


On June 13, 2024, the corporate culture of TAILG Group was officially released at Wuxi International Convention Center. More than 1,000 outstanding TAILG dealers from all over the world witnessed this important milestone.

The TAILG culture released this time adheres to its original intention and clearly defines its mission of adhering to technological innovation to make global travel better. Its vision is to become the leader of global low-carbon travel. TAILG has solemnly chosen the corporate culture concept of focusing on users, treating customers as partners, being honest and responsible, and pursuing excellence.

This is a comprehensive summary of TAILG’s 21 years of successful experience and excellent genes. It is also a cultural core system based on the realization of global strategic goals and comprehensive support for the implementation of various strategies. It is the cornerstone of TAILG Group’s long-term core competitiveness and sustainable development in the future!

At the press conference, as one of the initiators, incubators and practitioners of TAILG culture, Yao Li, President of TAILG Group, delivered a speech entitled " Towards Greater Success with Mission", in which he elaborated on the origin, value and concept of TAILG culture, allowing participants to have a comprehensive, clear and profound understanding of TAILG Group's corporate culture.

Yao Li reviewed and summarized the successes that TAILG has achieved with its user-centric philosophy over the past 21 years. This was due to the mutual trust and win-win relationship established with its partners, focusing on user needs and pain points, and devoting itself to creating user-recognized products and satisfactory services.

In the future, TAILG Group will continue to deepen its user-centric philosophy, be proactive and open-minded; listen to user opinions, understand needs, plan ahead, adopt scientific strategies, continuously innovate, and provide high-quality products and services; meet user values ​​and make users feel at ease, worry-free and comfortable.

Standing at the new starting point of TAILG Group, in order to achieve greater success, Yao Li emphasized that in the future TAILG will adhere to cultural leadership, stay true to its original aspirations and keep its mission in mind. He called on all TAILG people and partners to jointly practice, spread and inherit the TAILG culture and jointly promote the development of TAILG.

Led by Yao Li, President of TAILG Group, at the end of the launch ceremony, TAILG Group senior managers and dealer representatives jointly held a declaration and signing ceremony for cultural implementation. They promised to learn and remember TAILG culture, understand its core, identify with its philosophy, and consciously become practitioners, promoters and inheritors of corporate culture. They vowed to combine their personal ideals with Tailing's business goals, set an example, strictly implement, and go all out to strive to realize the TAILG vision.