TAILG enters Cambodia with strength, with over 400 dealers joining the first batch

Today, the strategic signing ceremony for TAILG Cambodia’s first batch of image stores was held in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It also released the annual hot product S2 and attracted more than 400 local electric vehicle merchants to join TAILG.
At the signing ceremony, Yingsheng Chen, Vice President of TAILG Group and President of Overseas Business Unit, Doctor Tan Monivan, Vice President of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce and President of Cambodia Automotive Industry Federatio, Mr. Tith Virak and Madam, President of Mekong EV Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony to witness this important moment.

Over 400 distribution partners joined

TAILG Group has formulated a development strategy from products going overseas to brands going overseas in 2023, clearly taking the Southeast Asian market as the debut and key market. From brand building, R&D and innovation, manufacturing to sales promotion, it comprehensively promotes investment and development in Southeast Asia.

Since the beginning of the year 2024, after investing in factories in Indonesia and Vietnam and actively engaging in local channel development and market strategy, TAILG made a strong entry into Cambodia and reached an important strategic cooperation with local strategic partner Mekong Electric Vehicle Co.

On May 18th, releasing new products, attracting more than 400 as the first batch of distribution partners to join TAILG, and signing a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the spot.

Mr Chen Ying-sheng, Vice President and President of Overseas Business Division of TAILG Group, attended the ceremony and delivered an important speech. He said that as a Southeast Asian market where two-wheeled vehicle ownership continues to rise, Cambodia has a broad development prospect for electric two-wheeled vehicles.

According to the data, driven by the carbon neutral target, Cambodia has been actively promoting the electrification of two-wheeled vehicles in the past two years and has set up an ambitious plan.

2030, Cambodia is expected to achieve 750,000 electric vehicles coverage, and increase to 8.8 million in 2050, of which 70% are electric motorbikes.

As a beautiful tourist country, the Cambodian government is also reportedly actively promoting the market through various initiatives, such as tax incentives, subsidies and low-interest loans and other policies, as well as setting up special roads for electric two-wheelers to provide a safer and more convenient travelling environment for riders.

“As one of the emerging markets, Cambodia is also of great significance to TAILG's globalisation strategy.”  Mr. Chen said that TAILG chose to enter into a strategic cooperation with Mekong EV Co., Ltd for exclusive licensing in Cambodia based on the deep understanding between the two parties in terms of product, brand and market recognition.

“We also believe that TAILG EVs can provide Cambodian people with quality, technological, and environmentally friendly long range solutions, and together we can create a greener, more environmentally friendly, and cleaner future!”

High-Quality Product Launch Receives Widespread Acclaim

Over the years, TAILG's vigorous development has been attributed to its research on technology, strict control of products, continuous empowerment of channel construction, and consistent quality commitment to consumers.

This time, TAILG released new products in Cambodia. By introducing advanced long-range technology and rich electric vehicle products, it not only met the needs of local consumers but also laid the foundation for further exploring the Cambodian market.

At the ceremony, TAILG launched the first batch of new products on the market based on local consumer habits and usage conditions such as the rainy season in Cambodia, and attracted many dealer partners to test ride at the event.

Considering that Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate and a long rainy season, TAILG launched Holiday, which is suitable for daily family travel and demonstrated the waterproof test on site. After four hours of water immersion and splashing test, the vehicle was still able to accelerate, allowing people to experience the quality and technology of TAILG products.

The annual hit S2, which combines a unique mecha design appearance with excellent performance, and the all-round vehicle F71, which has a comfortable riding experience, have also been widely praised by test-riding guests.

With the release of this new product and the cooperation signing of the first batch of dealers, Cambodia's first 3 image stores have also been officially unveiled. The store will be the first to launch a variety of models such as F52, S2, F71, Holiday, and V1 plus to meet the needs of all types of vehicles. urban cycling needs.

After releasing new products and opening brand image stores in Indonesia, Malaysia and other regions, with the opening of Cambodia's image store, TAILG will make a strong presence in the country and continue to build brand influence in the Southeast Asian market.

In the future, TAILG will continue to deepen its local operations in the Southeast Asian market, accelerate the implementation of its global strategy, and provide better green travel solutions to global consumers.