Leading Technology | TAILG Participates in Indonesia Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Forum and Earns Praise


On March 19th, HSBC Investment Forum 2024 "Electrifying Indonesia: Unleashing the Potential of Electric Vehicles Ecosystem." took place in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

TAILG Group attends the forum as an electric vehicle partner and engages in discussions with industry professionals about the electric vehicle market ecosystem in Indonesia. 

Long-Range Technology of TAILG Earns Praise

In Indonesia, 28% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. The promotion of electric mobility is crucial for the Indonesian government to achieve its green target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 41% by 2030. For the Indonesian government, increasing the adoption rate of electric vehicles is urgent.

At the forum, TAILG showcased its product, the “Star PRO”, and shared experiences on electric vehicle long-range technology and green low-carbon development. It received recognition and praise from industry professionals.

For 18 years, TAILG has been dedicated to long-range battery technology, consistently committed to research and development as well as technological innovation in electric vehicles. From the first generation of  "high-performance electric vehicles" to "fully automatic electric vehicles" and "high-efficiency electric vehicles", and now pioneering the new category of “long-range electric vehicles”, TAILG holds over 1000 patents in various fields.

In recent years, TAILG has successively launched the "Somersault Cloud Long-endurance Technology Platform" and the "Super Sodium Battery Electric Vehicle". It cooperates with Super Sodium New Energy to establish the TAILG "Sodium Electric Joint Laboratory", enabling continuous evolution and upgrade of electric vehicles in terms of range, warranty, cold resistance, and safety.

Innovating Electric Mobility in Indonesia

As the world transitions towards sustainable and green transportation solutions, electric vehicles have vast market prospects. During the forum discussions, TAILG engaged with Indonesian industry professionals to explore issues related to the localization development of electric vehicles.

Indonesia, is one of the largest electric two-wheeler markets in ASEAN. Policy subsidies, active government procurement of electrified vehicles, and the promotion by major players in the distribution and rental industry are among the multiple driving factors that have created favorable conditions for the development of Indonesia's electric vehicle industry.

According to the plan, by 2030, Indonesia's electric motorcycle ownership is expected to reach 13 million units, while the production capacity of electric motorcycles will reach 2.5 million units.

Faced with the immense growth potential of the Indonesian market, TAILG is accelerating its expansion efforts comprehensively. It has established a research and development manufacturing base in Indonesia, with plans for official production commencement by the end of 2024. Currently, TAILG has established ten intelligent manufacturing bases globally, including in Indonesia and Vietnam, with an annual production capacity exceeding 15 million units.

With its robust scientific research capabilities and solid production support, TAILG is believed to have immense development opportunities in overseas markets. It's worth mentioning that TAILG, as a global trailblazer in long-range electric vehicles, will attend the 2024 Indonesia International Motorcycle, Parts, and Accessories Exhibition to contribute to the development of clean energy transportation in Indonesia.

In the future, TAILG will continue to empower global users' quality of travel life with excellent new energy solutions through technological innovation.