Interpretation of Product FIRMAMENT Technology at the Extreme Cold Challenge : How to Ensure Long-range in Cold Conditions?


On January 1st , the beginning of the new year. TAILG drove its new product FIRMAMENT bravely explore the extremely cold zone of 47 degrees north latitude where no one has ever been before, to complete the challenge of long-range.The courage to test product limits and challenge the ultimate battery life performance demonstrates TAILG's leading long-range technical strength, and also demonstrates the courage and determination to be the first.

As the world's pioneer of long-range electric vehicles, TAILG has been committed to the ultimate in long-range technology. In 2006, it took the lead in the industry to launch the first high-performance electric vehicle, extending the mileage by 30%, enabling it to run 100 kilometers from low speed to full speed, and 200 kilometers at full speed, and broke the world record in the Long Range Challenge twice. TAILG pioneered a new category of long-range electric vehicles in the world, ushering in the era of long-range two-wheel travel.

On December 14, TAILG took the lead in the industry and released the results of super sodium electric technology globally, announcing that the industry has officially entered a new era of sodium electric vehicles for two-wheeled electric vehicles. The long-range super sodium electric vehicle FIRMAMENT, which was first mass-produced and launched on the market, went on the road in Jinan.

Before that, the common lithium battery electric vehicles on the market were prone to failure to operation or poor endurance in cold conditions. The anxiety of battery life has always been a hinder and plaguing the development of the electric two-wheel industry. Therefore, the use of super sodium batteries undoubtedly gives the industry the best answer.

Why can super sodium battery support long-range in extremely cold environments? This is caused by the chemical properties of sodium itself. First of all, sodium batteries can operate in a wider temperature range than lithium batteries, ranging from as low as minus 30 degrees to as high as plus 60 degrees. When measured at a speed of 25km/h in an extremely cold environment of 0 degrees, the cruising range can reach 115 kilometers. Secondly, sodium batteries are less likely to burn than lithium iron phosphate batteries and therefore have a longer cycle life. Take FIRMAMENT's super sodium battery as an example. Its cycle life can exceed 2,000 times, which is 5-7 times that of ordinary lead-acid batteries. In an ultra-low temperature environment of minus 20 degrees, the battery capacity retention is about 93%, which is very suitable for winter riding. Therefore, super sodium technology has the characteristics of ultra-long battery life, ultra-long warranty, ultra-low temperature resistance, and better safety. It can withstand the challenge of long battery life in extremely cold areas of minus 30 degrees, demonstrating its true long-range strength.


On December 15, TAILG received the authoritative certification of Global Pioneer of Long-range Electric Two-Wheelers awarded by Frost & Sullivan, a world-renowned growth consulting company. After the long-range electric vehicle standard certification, it was announced that it had completed the technical certification of 100 kilometers of battery life per kilowatt hour, setting an industry example for the popularization and application of new regulations. The first batch of TAILG Super Sodium trams will also be launched in the Chinese market. TAILG will continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of exploring unknown areas with practical actions and persistence in professionalism, and show the world the  perseverance to delve into the long-lasting business.