High-Quality Smart Manufacturing Facilitates TAILG's Global Strategy Implementation


Global warming is driving nations to increase carbon reduction efforts, creating substantial opportunities for the international expansion of electric vehicles.

Since 2010, TAILG has been venturing into international markets. After 14 years of expansion, the long-range electric vehicles of TAILG are now sold in over 90 countries and regions. It has established a global mobility footprint. From its international expansion experience, TAILG concludes: "Quality is the key to success when taking electric vehicles global. "

01 Digitizing Empowerment: Constructing the Quality Manufacturing Hub for Electric Two-wheelers

Technology is the primary driver. Especially for the electric vehicle industry undergoing transformation and upgrade. TAILG is advancing into digitization, automation and intelligence.

TAILG boasts cutting-edge intelligent warehouses and excels in smart manufacturing, quality control and intelligent storage. TAILG has initiated high-quality development in "smart manufacturing."

In January 2024, the high-end digitized factory of TAILG was officially unveiled. It benchmarks an international top-tier standard for a high-end motorcycle production line with the goal of establishing an industry-leading manufacturing demonstration hub. 

TAILG has now attained manufacturing capabilities and competitiveness that rival international standards and initiated a new era of fully digitized and intelligent manufacturing for electric two-wheelers.

The high-end digitized factory of TAILG

For two decades, TAILG has devoted itself to user satisfaction with an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality. As the first electric vehicle brand addressing user range anxiety, TAILG pioneers comprehensive long-range solutions in the industry.

Cloud Power Saving System of TAILG

Over time, TAILG has focused on user range concerns with a mission to "meet people's desires for a delightful travel life." TAILG has introduced long-range technologies such as "Energy-saving Power Technology," "Cloud Power Saving System," and the "Somersault Cloud Long-endurance Technology Platform."

Somersault Cloud Long-endurance Technology Platform of TAILG

In 2023, TAILG introduced the revolutionary "Super Sodium Electric Vehicle." This vehicle not only offers extended range but also guarantees "consistent performance in low temperatures and enhanced product safety." It relieves users from concerns about charging safety, future maintenance costs and reduced winter range due to low temperatures. 

TAILG prioritizes user-centric approaches and has achieved leadership in both technology and quality within the industry. Millions of users speak highly of "TAILG Smart Manufacturing."

Super Sodium Electric Vehicle

02 Technological Innovation Propels the Brilliance of "TAILG Smart Manufacturing" Globally

In a 20-year technological journey, TAILG has consistently led industry development through innovation and achieved commendable results in smart manufacturing.

As of now, TAILG has accumulated over 1,000 patents, including core electric vehicle energy-saving technologies and various other innovations. In 2023, TAILG achieved two world-class certifications: "Global Pioneer in Long-Range Electric Vehicles" and "China's Pioneer in Long-Range Electric Two-wheelers," further affirming its technological leadership.


On the quest to conquer international markets, TAILG has consistently forged its core competitiveness in global branding through technological innovation. 

The creation of the Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute is geared towards exploring the realm of high-end and high-speed electric motorcycles. It deeply understands the diverse needs and travel habits of users in different regions and conducts targeted research and development accordingly. In the end, TAILG offers leading green and low-carbon travel solutions for global consumers.

Currently, TAILG operates ten smart manufacturing bases worldwide with an annual production capacity exceeding 15 million vehicles. This integrated approach to brand building, research, development, production and sales provides a solid foundation for global market expansion.

Furthermore, as a partner of the United Nations in electric mobility, TAILG has actively collaborated with the United Nations Environment Programme to promote the global concept of low-carbon travel. TAILG has successfully implemented electric mobility pilot projects in various countries, including Kenya, Uganda, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

In the future, TAILG will steadfastly implement the brand strategy of "Recreating a TAILG" and leverage smart manufacturing for the brand's full-speed global expansion. 

TAILG aims to drive the sustainable development of electric two-wheelers, seek the well-being of all humanity and proudly advance towards becoming a globally respected brand!