Groundbreaking! First Sodium Battery White Paper Released to Boost TAILG


Recently, TAILG Group released the industry's first "White Paper on the Development of China's Sodium Ion Electric Two-Wheeled Vehicle Industry", which highlights the core of technology and lays a technical foundation for the globalization strategy.

As a model of Chinese electric vehicle brands going global, TAILG was also invited to attend the 2024 China (Wuxi) Electric Vehicle Industry High-quality Development on Overseas Cooperation Forum and the Huawei Developer Conference Brands Going Overseas Forum as a representative of leading enterprises. It explored the path of digital overseas expansion with Huawei's ecosystem enterprises and won the honor of "Top Ten Electric Vehicle Overseas Enterprises".

New Energy Accelerates Industry Upgrade

On June 19, under the joint witness of authoritative organizations such as the China Bicycle Association, China Quality Certification Center, National Bicycle and Electric Bicycle Quality Inspection and Testing Center, as well as industry experts, TAILG Group officially released the industry's first white paper on sodium-ion electric vehicles.

Due to its abundant resources, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness, sodium ions have long attracted TAILG's attention as a new energy source. Since 2012, TAILG's sodium battery laboratory has focused on the research and development and production of sodium batteries, and has accumulated more than 80 sodium ion battery technologies and patents. These technological breakthroughs have continuously improved the stability, service life and safety of batteries.

TAILG's latest battery technology, "Super Sodium Battery", performs well at extreme temperatures, with almost no difference in discharge curve and a capacity of 93%. Its small size, large capacity and efficient fast charging technology shorten the charging time to 10 minutes to replenish 80% of the power. In terms of safety, IPX7 waterproof, 6-year life, fireproof and collision-proof features ensure user experience.

Yao Li, president of TAILG Group, said that in the future, TAILG will continue to explore super sodium battery technology, use its strong scientific research and production capabilities to promote the sodium battery industry to develop towards high quality and high standards, and strive to provide global users with better electric travel products.

Brand Expansion Fuels Industry Globalization

Against the backdrop of global carbon neutrality, motorcycles are experiencing the inevitable trend of switching from oil to electricity, while also accelerating the wave of Chinese electric two-wheelers going overseas.

Recently, the 2024 China (Wuxi) Electric Vehicle Industry High-quality Development on Overseas Cooperation Forum and Procurement Matchmaking Meeting hosted by the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products was held in Xishan, Wuxi. 

TAILG Group, as a representative of leading Chinese electric vehicle enterprises, was invited to attend the conference, and Sun Mu-chu, Executive President of TAILG Group, attended the launching ceremony, and the enterprise was honored as one of the "Top Ten Electric Vehicle Enterprises Going Overseas".

The conference specially invited the consuls general in Shanghai from Indonesia, Ecuador, Uruguay and other key exporting countries of Xishan electric vehicles, more than 30 buyers from major exporting countries, and representatives from top cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, and TEMU. Many industry experts and leaders gathered together to discuss procurement cooperation and jointly plan the development blueprint of the electric vehicle industry going overseas.

Before the meeting, many guests and representatives visited TAILG's Wuxi Intelligent Manufacturing Base for exchanges. From the Somersault Cloud Long-endurance Technology Platform to the super sodium battery technology, they gained an in-depth understanding of TAILG's latest achievements in intelligent manufacturing, green production and technological innovation.

In addition, TAILG also participated in the Huawei Developer Conference Brands Going Overseas Forum and shared its successful experience in global market layout and development at the meeting. At the same time, TAILG discussed the problems and pain points encountered in brand globalization with other outstanding overseas companies and absorbed valuable experience from peers.

TAILG has sounded the clarion call for its brand to go global since 2023. To accelerate its globalization, TAILG has established the Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute and built the industry's first High-End Digital Factory, providing strong support for the expansion of the international market from research and development to production.

TAILG is driven by technological innovation and oriented by market demand to promote the internationalization of China's electric two-wheeled vehicle industry. As the pioneer of long-range electric vehicles globally, TAILG will continue to contribute to the overseas expansion of China's electric vehicle industry and the global carbon neutrality goal.