Global Flagship Product S91Pro Launch


On June 6, TAILG 2024 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report and New Product Launch was broadcast live globally at the Beijing headquarters of national media Xinhua News Agency. 

The launch of the global new product S91Pro marks that TAILG will move into higher technological fields with its strong scientific and technological strength and help promote global market expansion.

New Product Pioneering Tech Innovation

In recent years, TAILG electric vehicles have continuously achieved leapfrog iterative upgrades. From Smart Edition, Super Power Edition to Super Smart Edition, from Super Power Second Generation to Super Power S high-end series, TAILG continues to improve its product structure. It makes long-range electric vehicles an independent and full-fledged category.

To further improve its high-end technology product matrix, TAILG launched the global flagship new product S91Pro, and the Chinese version is named supercar F1. This marks another leap forward for TAILG in electric vehicle technology.

The S91Pro is equipped with a 5000W motor, which can accelerate from 0 km/h to 50 km/h in just 2.6 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 110 km/h. It is a must-have product for high-speed driving enthusiasts. At the same time, the S91Pro uses three 74V28AH lithium battery modules to provide long battery life.

The high-performance braking system consisting of front and rear disc brakes CBS+ABS provides powerful support for the perfect control of the vehicle, and is known as the "Double Hundred Control Master".

As the pioneer of long-range electric two-wheelers, TAILG has always used technological innovation as the core driving force of the brand and launched many "star products", such as the sales champion BIAOBING with 500,000 units, the F52 that set a world record for long-range riding, and the globally popular F55.

In addition, TAILG is also actively promoting the commercial use of sodium batteries, lithium batteries, hydrogen energy and other power sources in electric two-wheeled vehicles, providing strong support for the development of express delivery, food delivery, e-commerce, group purchasing and other industries.

The launch of S91Pro demonstrates TAILG's technological strength to the global market in a pioneering manner and further consolidates its advantages in the long-range category.

Pioneer's Responsibility Drives Global Upgrade

TAILG has always kept its original aspiration in mind and integrated social responsibility into its corporate blood on the unknown road of long-distance exploration.

At 7:00 p.m. on June 6, TAILG Group, together with the national news agency Xinhua News Agency and Beijing Institute of Technology, jointly released TAILG's first CSR report. Through global live broadcast, TAILG conveyed to the world its firm determination to promote low-carbon travel and environmental protection development.

Over the years, TAILG has continued to support various social causes, established the industry's first non-public charitable fund, the Ling Fund, and partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme to promote e-mobility projects in Kenya, Uganda, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam, with a global footprint in charity.

Yao Li, President of TAILG Group, said: "Using love to achieve dreams" is not only a slogan, but also the belief and pursuit in the hearts of every TAILG person.

Technology realizes dreams, fulfill responsibilities, and let enterprises realize value. As a UN e-mobility partner, TAILG actively promotes Chinese solutions such as green mobility technologies, products, and standards to go global and benefit global users.

In the future, TAILG will rely on the technological innovation power of the Global E-mobility Programme Research Institute, as well as the production capacity of the High-end Digital Factory and the ten global smart manufacturing bases, to provide the most suitable new energy travel solutions for users around the world and build a global technology brand.