Fighting!TAILG Overseas Entire Staff Applies for Deployment


On February 17th, the "Full-speed Overseas Expansion, Winning the Future" expedition conference for TAILG Overseas Business Division in 2024 was grandly held in Dongguan. Senior leaders of the group, as well as representatives from various overseas marketing regions and functional departments, attended the meeting. A comprehensive discussion was conducted regarding global marketing strategies and implementation measures, with a commitment to realizing the strategic dream of "Create Another TAILG Abroad".


Fighting for the world

TAILG has been developing overseas markets since 2010 and has 14 years of experience in global trade. In the global wave of exports of two-wheeled electric vehicles, TAILG has a strong foundation and obvious first-mover advantage.


During the conference, Yao Li, president of TAILG, stated in his address that overseas markets represent a blue ocean with immense growth potential. TAILG is currently at a crucial historical juncture, transitioning from China to a global presence. The dream of globalization serves as the foundation for constructing new growth engines for the group and is a critical strategic choice to propel the group towards becoming a world-class enterprise.

"Faced with opportunities and challenges, I hope everyone dares to step out of their comfort zones, wield their swords courageously, venture into larger and broader overseas markets, expand customer bases, establish channels, and win recognition from global customers and markets."


Sun Muchai, Senior Vice President of TAILG, also expressed high expectations for those embarking on the overseas journey. He hopes that in the future, everyone can join hands and uphold the original entrepreneurial spirit on the soil of different races and cultures. Overcoming obstacles and building bridges, they will strive globally together.


Create another five-fold growth in five years and create another TAILG abroad.

Chen Yingsheng, Vice President and President of the Overseas Business Division, made a sharing about “Inheritance,Integration, and Innovation “.He announced a plan of five-year strategic goal for the Overseas Business Division and management policy for 2024.

In the futrue, the Overseas Business Division of TAILG will inherit the historical heritage of global trade, guided by the operational principles of five "transformations." This approach aims to drive the integrated development of research and development, products, marketing, branding, and teams. In 2024, the division plans to combine the "golden strategy" for products to target annual sales objectives.

Struggle for dreams

Reviewing remarkable achievements of TAILG, it is the only United Nations Electric Mobility Partnership. It is also a strategic partner of the Belt and Road Initiative. In 2023, TAILG proudly presented the TLG brand and comprehensively laid out flagship stores around the world. It established the Global Electric Mobility Research Institute and unveiled the high-end digital factory of TAILG. Each step of the way has provided a solid foundation for TAILG in the global market.


In order to better adapt to the development of the international market,  the Overseas Business Division of TAILG released its 2024 marketing program from multiple dimensions such as channel power, product power, brand power and policy support.

In future, TAILG will take quality as the first life of the brand and drive by the dual brands "TAILG" and "TLG" . Smart manufacturing bases of TAILG will be established around the world to create the integration of brand, R&D, production and marketing. This aims to achieve global channel coverage and fulfill the grand dream of becoming the world's leading brand in terms of influence.


At the overseas deployment conference, representatives from various major war zones displayed high morale and enthusiastically signed the military orders for the 2024 expedition with Vice President Li Kunfeng of the Overseas Business Division. They led their teams in a solemn declaration of expedition. Subsequently, President Chen Yingsheng of the Overseas Business Division formally handed over the flag to Vice President Li in a ceremony, signifying a transfer of leadership and entrusting him with the responsibility for the upcoming expedition.


This is the inaugural expedition conference since the establishment of the TAILG Overseas Business Division, marking another entrepreneurial beginning for overseas ventures of TAILG.

Facing the crucial phase of "Global Expedition," an important process for the high-quality development of TAILG, General Manager Chen conveyed his message to all overseas officers and soldiers. He hopes that everyone, with the mindset of entrepreneurs and the determination of fighters, will join hands to explore new territories, overcome difficulties, and swiftly embark on the global journey!

From comprehensive cultivation in China to the current global expansion, TAILG adheres to its entrepreneurial spirit, creating the foundation for entrepreneurial endeavors from "0 to 1". Currently, the company is progressing towards "1 to N," taking significant strides towards becoming a world-class enterprise.