TAILG land in Kuala Lumpur CBD, accelerat the layout of Southeast Asia


Recently,Following the Canton Fair, Shanghai Exhibition, and the Indonesia Exhibition, which was personally praised by
Indonesia president,TAILG takes another important step on the road to global branding overseas。

In May 11,TAILG and NIHSIN hold the new electric vehicles launch and delivery ceremoney,launch of new electric vehicle EBIXON  KRUZ,take important steps in Southeast Asia.

At present,driven by environmental awareness technological progress and government supportpolicies,Malaysia’s
two-wheeler electric vehicle market is on a rapid rise.An authoritative organization predicts that Malaysia's electric two-wheeler vehicle market sizewill maintain a steady growth rate of 15.4% between 2025 and 2030.

Currently, the Malaysian government is also continuing to promote the ebike market through measures such as subsidized tax rebates for ebike buyers.

As the world's pioneer of long-range electric vehicles,TAILG have been specializing in long range electric bikes for 18 years and is committed to promoting green electric mobility solutions worldwide.From 2023,TAILG has accelerated its brand overseas and vigorously explored the global market, and has achieved milestones in Malaysia.

In May 11,TAILG and NIHSIN hold the new electric motorcycle launch and delivery ceremoney.Combined with the needs of local consumers, TAILG's new electric motorcycle EBIXON KRUZ, which is extremely localized, made a stunning debut in Kuala Lumpur's most central and high-end CBD.

 Ying-sheng  Chen, Vice President and President of Overseas Business Division of TAILG group, attended and delivered an important speech.

Mr. Chen said that TAILG and NIHSIN Group have established a strategic partnership based on mutual understanding, trust, and common enthusiasm for product development, design and innovation. TAILG Group also has localized product design and market direction insights,fully understand.

It is reported that TAILG Group and NIHSIN Group began in-depth strategic cooperation in 2022,and launched and successfully developed EBIXON TORQ and EBIXON BOLD for commercial and personal use in November of that year. The above products have been widely praised in the Malaysian market.

The localized product released this time - EBIXON KRUZ, has beautiful body lines, fashionable and dynamic,and is a relaxed cruiser suitable for both men and women.Its quiet and comfortable riding experience gives people a brand new feeling.

Meanwhile, the EBIXON KRUZ is powered by two interchangeable lithium batteries, each with a capacity of 72V25AH and a peak power of 3,000W, with a top speed of 70 km/h and a maximum range of 120 kilometers.

In 2023, TAILG Group has formulated a strategic plan for brand going overseas, and made a series of systematic deployment of product, research, production and sales to fully accelerate the brand going overseas.

From exporting products to exporting brands overseas, Southeast Asia will become one of the most important target markets in the Group's globalization strategy.

As the world's pioneer of longrange electric vehicles, TAILG now owns morethan 1,000 patents including core energysaving technologies for electricvehicles, and has established industryleading facilities such as China'snational CNAS laboratory and the Global LowCarbon Travel ResearchInstitute,technology research and development center.

Recently, TAILG has also made frequent layouts in the Southeast Asian market recently. From setting up factories in Indonesia and Vietnam, to participating in the first Indonesia International Motor Show and being praised by the President of Indonesia. 

From releasing a three-year strategic plan based on Indonesia, to rapidly building a channel store program led by benchmark markets and radiating globally in 2024, TAILG is going oversea at full speed with its brand.

In Malaysia, TAILG will continue to build the local market through product strength, brand strength, and channel strength, and radiatetosurrounding Southeast Asian regions to drive high-quality development of the electric two-wheeled vehicle industry and jointly promote global green travel.

At the press conference, President  Ying sheng Chen said:“We believe that with NIHSIN Group’s comprehensive marketing channels, professional team and leadership, TAILG products will be widely recognized by the Malaysian market and continue to ELECTRIFY IN GYOUR RIDE in the green economy.

At the same time, as an electric mobility partner of the United Nations and a strategic partner of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, TAILG is also continuing to cooperate with the United Nations Environment Program to actively promote global low-carbon travel concepts and new energy travel solutions.

In the future,TAILG Group will also give full play to its advantages intechnologicalinnovation, build a global R&D and intelligent manufacturingbase, continue to deepen localized operations, and lead the Southeast Asian electric twowheeled vehicle industry to break through. 

In order to continue to meet the needs of people around the world for a better travel life, TAILG Group will move towards Rapid progresshas been made towards realizing the great goal of "creating another TAILG bell overseas".